miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008


Several years ago, Masaru Ibuka , the chairman of Sony, was at company planning meeting. Suddenly he had a brillant idea. He stopped the meeting and asked everyone present what would happen if Sony removed the recording function and speaker and sold headphones with a tapeplayers instead. Still, Ibuka kept thinking about his idea and worked at refining it. The result, of course, turned out to be the wildly successful Sony Walkman.

Good ideas often start with a really silly question .Bill Bowerman was naking breakfast one day. As he stood there making waffle for his son, he wondered waht would happen if he poured rubber into this waffle iron. Later, he tired it and the result looked somethign like the pottom of most sports shoes we see today. Still, when he took this idea to several existing shoe companies, he was literally laughed at. In fact, every single company turned him down. Though rather discouraged, Bowerman persevered and went on to form his own company, making NIKE athletic shoes.

Sometimes good ideas grow out of frustation. When Fred Smith was a student at Yale University, he had some paperwork that he needed to have delivered across the country the next day. Smith was amazed to find out that overnight deliver was impossible. He sat for a long while wondering why. Why couldn{t thee be a reliable overnigt mail delivery service? He decided to design one. Smith did just that and turned his design into class projects. His business professor gave him only a C for his efforts. However, Smith was not through. He refined the ideas in that class project and eventually turned them into one of the first and most successful overnigt mail services in the wold - FedEx.

We know today, of course, that each of these ideas led to an incredibly successful product or service that has changed the way many of us live. The best questions are usually openeded and are often silly. Children aren´t afraid to ask such questions, but adults frequently are. Think how different the world might be if people never asked "silly" questions!

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