miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008


(4) I reached for my glasses, and then remembered I´d left them at home. i couldn´t see the object clearly.

(9) He said he didn´t see a thing.

(8) The lifeguard looked through his binoculars.

(6) I ran as fastas I could to get the lifeguard.

(11) I bought a newspaper. there was an article about dolphins simming near the shore.

(10) I was pretty embarrassed.

(1) I was taking a walk on the beach and stopped to look at the waves.

(2) I though i saw something struggling in the water.

(12) I read the article. I relized that I had seen a dolphins in the water - not a man!

(3) It looked like a man who was having trouble swimmimg.

(13) I never went anywhere without my glassses again.

(7) We arrived back at the spot where I had seen the man.

(5) A big wave came, and the man was gone.

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