martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

San Fernando

Then, as you move north, either on the 101 or 405 freways you´ll reach the San Fernando valley this plateu is sorrounded bye the santa Susana mountains. It´s population is mostly latino with central Americans and mexican being the two largest communities. It´s make no mistake about it, the jewl of Angeles. The Valley´s prodigal son is Ricardo Valenzuela or Richi Valenz as he was known as on artist. His remains lay in the mission Cementary, next to the bewtiful mission of San Fernando rey de España.
You can not say that you´ve been in L.A. if you do not visit Hollywood, its walkof fame and film studios. many of the most popular and succesful movies watches all over the world are made and produce in hollywouds. What would are made and produce in the hollywoods sing watching over the urban area?

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