domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Hello good afternoon.

Then today I am going to speak of my new work.

I began to work at the beginning of September in a bilingual school like teacher of English. Not if it is good but I am called on myself to work with prestudent children, I have two groups, the children are very pretty and pleasant. The first day wanted to me to die, the children are not as I thought that they were they are very rebellious and they cry much, separate as she is there beginning the cycle young that still cries to him to their mother, and then it is not left me of other but who to console them, I feel that this day was to me very bad the truth I feel that I lack some activity that to the children called the attention and games to them.

But the second day already prepares to me well with my classes so that the happened thing previously did not return to me to happen, and I believe that I work myself separate that I had all the support of my director. I believe that everything is not working as I wanted it but I hope that little by little this is changing

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