martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

continuation of Los Angeles....

Right next to Oscar de la Hoya east L.A. just separates by La Ciénega Blvd. Shines the west Los Angeles district. It´s not uncommon to see movie stars and other celebrities’ roming ground places like Century city, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Bell Air.

Certainly west L.A. is the mouth Olympus where the gods of the modern mythological World reside, but the west side of the city of Angeles is not merely about fame and glitter. There in its very heart lays one of the most important and renown educational institution in our globe.
The university of California in Los Angeles on UCLA, for short. the bruins, their building, their academic legens and football team occupy and goud portion of west L.A. defenetly a city.
Towards the middle, you´ll find south central. This area has traditionally been doinated by the African American community. Pregnates with violence, crime and a despicable war between the creeps and the blouds, two black guass, south central is an indespensale part of L.A.

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